GreenAmp Industrial PRM 4 Plus

Protect your vessel against Corrosion with
Pipeline Remote Monitoring  4 PLUS

The GreenAmp 4 Plus Remote Monitoring system is designed to fit in a cabinet that has a transformer rectifier cathodic protection unit (CPU) or sacrificial anode bed connected. It is capable of reading four inputs such as D.C. current (Amps), D.C. Voltage (Volts), Pipe polarisation (Millivolts), plus a foreign structure pipe potential with a common reference cell.

The unit records the four channels of data every hour and transmits those readings once per day via the LTE M (Cat M1) or Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB IoT) cellular networks onto our secure server. If available it can also communicate using internet connections from Wi-Fi.
When evaluating the effectiveness of a cathodic protection system the pipe potential reading is influenced by the presence of the electrical current. A more accurate measure of the pipeline polarisation is given by switching the electricity off and measuring the potential instantaneously as it is switched off. Hence the GreenAmp 4 Plus incorporates a contactor to turn off the CPU and generate this “instant off” reading. Upon switching the CPU power off, it logs the readings in high resolution (two times per second) which allows for the instant off value to be identified. Afterwards it returns the CPU to normal operations.

The interrupter is remotely programmed “over the air” using the GreenAmp online portal accessed by Anode engineering and eventually by asset owners via a secure log-in to the site.

The GreenAmp 4 Plus features our unique Daisy Chain Data (DCD) capability for areas where cellular coverage or Wi Fi is lacking. On systems with multiple GreenAmp units they will wirelessly communicate to adjacent units up to a 5-kilometre range. DCD can be shared for up to 10 units along the pipeline and all the data is uploaded using Cat M1, NB IoT coverage or Wi-Fi where available.

Data is also stored internally on a removable micro SD card so a physical back up is available storing over 20 years of readings.

For standard operation the battery life is 5-years, there is an optional rechargeable battery that couples with a small solar panel to enhance battery life for higher duty cycles and ongoing DCD operation.

The GreenAmp portal provides a platform to view relevant pipeline data in graphical form with an interactive map overlay, lists units and their status with the ability to interrogate individual unit data, set alarm parameters and nominate email addresses to receive alarms.

The system is available as an outright capital purchase or we also have 5 year lease plans which result in ownership of the system at the end.

There is a nominal annual cellular network transmission data and portal subscription fee.

Our in-house engineers are able to generate annual, quarterly or monthly survey reports as per legislation from this data. This fulfills pipeline licensing obligations, greatly reducing travel expenses, personnel OH&S risk, stakeholder aggravation and unplanned stoppages from weather events.
Data/Survey reports monthly
Sends data by GreenAmp Daisy Chain Data (DCD) and dual traffic comms
Receive failure alerts

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