GreenAmp Marine SAR (ICCP)

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
GreenAmp Marine Sacrificial Anode Replacement (SAR)

The GreenAmp Marine Sacrificial Anode Replacement (SAR) is an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) unit that provides a cost effective alternative to sacrificial anodes that will require very little maintenance over its 25-year design life.

The system consists of our GreenAmp SAR controller which provides D.C. power to flush mounted disc anodes installed on the hull. Stabilised zinc reference cells provide feedback to the GreenAmp SAR which regulates the output current to the anodes and maintains the optimum cathodic protection levels of the hull.

The advantages of the SAR system include:

  • Long anode life- the latest technology marine impressed current anodes have 20 plus year lifespans as they are not consumed like a sacrificial anode system.
  • Flush mounting of anodes reduces hull friction for better fuel efficiency and higher cruising speeds.
  • ¬†Precise system control- output current is controlled automatically to deliver exactly the right protection level in varying sea water conditions or with hull coating system degradation over time.
  • If required much higher current outputs can be achieved from the higher voltage used which is much higher than that of sacrificial anodes (Less than 1 volt)
  • The system monitors itself and can provide email or SMS alerts using cellular internet of things connections, Sigfox or Wi-Fi if there is a problem or out of range reading.
Stabilised marine reference cell auto control adjusts the levels of current and voltage required to ensure the optimum level of protection is maintained.
Utilises special flush mount marine mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes with no drag resistance as opposed to a traditional sacrificial anode protruding from the hull. Increases performance and lower fuel consumption.
The GreenAmp Marine SAR will run from ships power 12 or 24 Volt D.C.
The GreenAmp Marine SAR incorporates the latest high efficiency technology for D.C. power management with very little maintenance required.
Propeller shaft grounding and monitoring system also incorporated to prevent and monitor corrosion on these mission critical, high value components.
Secure website portal offers configurable vessel corrosion alarm states and email notifications via Wi-Fi or Cellular LTE M (Cat M1) network connections.
Adaptable interface for display on Chart-plotters and Multi-Function Displays with remote monitoring data sent to asset owners and our own in-house engineers if required.
Systems are available with up to 8 Amp output.

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