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Protect your vessel against Corrosion with
GreenAmp Marine – Hull Potential Monitoring

The GreenAmp Marine HPM system from Anode Engineering offers real time monitoring of the Cathodic Protection (CP) system on your vessel, whether it be sacrificial anodes or an impressed current system. It offers peace of mind that your asset is protected from corrosion, especially in new locations where stray electrical currents may be present or where a new vessel with inadequate anodes nearby can create corrosion issues.

Stabilised Zinc reference cells are fitted to the vessel, allowing readings to be taken indicating the effectiveness of the CP system at any given time.
The system will display the hull potential readings on the 7 inch screen with a green background indicating sufficient protection or a red background if the hull potential deviates from the range which is specified to suit the vessel.

The GreenAmp HPM system logs the hull readings every hour and will transmit that data once a week to a nominated email address and our engineers if required. (This may attract a subscription fee currently Aud$150 per annum). If the hull protection levels are out of the specified range, email or SMS alerts can also be triggered to nominated receivers such as the vessel maintenance crew or ships owner.

The HPM unit has a wide variety of connection capabilities, data can be sent via Wi-Fi , Cellular internet of things (IoT) protocols such as Cat M1 or Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB IoT) and it also communicates using the Sigfox network.  

Data is also logged within the unit to an internal SD card which can store years of historical readings as a back up.
If you have had problems with corrosion in the past or want to ensure that your system is operating correctly then look no further than our state of the art GreenAmp remote monitoring hull potential monitor to keep you informed.
Suitable for monitoring the effectiveness of both impressed current and sacrificial anode systems.
Will detect damaging stray current and galvanic corrosion from wharves or nearby vessels.
Data logging can continuously log up to 20 years of information.
Can be configured for any reference cell type.
Suitable for fibreglass, timber, aluminium or steel hulls.
Worldwide monitoring available via numerous connections including Wi-Fi or mobile data.
Maintenance free monitoring with solar powered options available operates on 12 or 24-volts DC supply.
Data is accessed via video input to your chart-plotter or multi-function display and on our secure website portal with notifications sent by email to a nominated address.

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