GreenAmp Industrial Sacrificial Anode Replacement (SAR)

Protect Against Corrosion within
Tanks, Sheet Piling & Buried Piplines

Traditional sacrificial anodes are buried in the ground to protect steel structures such as steel tanks and pipelines. They generally require excavation and replacement every ten years as the sacrificial anodes become depleted. Many of these systems are installed under congested urban locations and replacement causes huge disruption and significant costs over the lifetime of a pipeline.

The initial systems themselves can be relatively inexpensive with a typical ten-year life magnesium anode bed costing around $3500 to supply, install and commission. The cost of excavating and replacing the same bed can be up to $10000 per site per ten years, not to mention the disruption caused to traffic flows and inconvenience for the urban population.

Considering anode beds are located every two to three kilometres along a pipeline when considering a 50-year service life, the ongoing costs can run into several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The GreenAmp Sacrificial Anode Replacement (SAR) is a Mini Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) unit that provides a cost-effective alternative to sacrificial anodes.
Reference cell auto control adjusts the levels of current and voltage required to ensure the optimum level of protection is maintained.
The GreenAmp SAR comes preconfigured and is easily installed into an existing test point enclosure.
The GreenAmp SAR incorporates the latest high efficiency technology for both AC and DC models with very little maintenance required.
Systems are available with up to 8 Amp output with 12, 24- or 240-Volt supply inputs.
Solar powered systems available for remote or unpowered sites.
Adaptable interface for other systems and addition of remote monitoring.

Remote Monitoring Options

Data generated such as volts, amps, pipe potential and even synchronised instant off readings are an available option from our cloud based portal with the addition of our GreenAmp remote monitoring unit, all that is required is either internet access via a Wi Fi connection or cellular LTE M (Cat M1) or NB IoT coverage. Remote monitoring will attract an annual subscription fee which covers the data transmission and access to our secure portal which features configurable alarm states, alarm emails, polarisation graphs, active map, device lists and configuration settings.
The CO2 Footprint

The production of one kg of magnesium generates a CO2 Footprint of 42 kg of CO2. The annual average magnesium tonnage per annum utilised by the cathodic protection industry in Australia alone is in excess of 400 tonnes. This equates to an annual CO2 footprint of 16,800 tonnes of CO2. At a cost for CO2 at $23.00 per tonne, this equates to an annual cost to industry before materials of $386,400.00.


  • Constant Current & Voltage Control
  • Reference Cell Auto Control
  • Current & Voltage Limit
  • Continuous Duty Cycle
  • Cutting edge technology allows the unit to easily interface with other systems
  • Easily adapted for remote monitoring/control

Optional Features:

  • Hi Efficiency Solar Power
  • Increased output on request
  • Can be Engineered for individual needs
  • Can be built for locations where limited or no power is available

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